US About Condalab, 60 years manufacturing culture media


Founded in 1960, Condalab is Spain's first dehydrated culture media for microbiology and molecular biology manufacturer, as well as one of the world's leading ones. Condalab is also recognized for offering key ingredients such as agars, peptones and agaroses, among other products.

From our Madrid factory, we export to more than 120 countries all over the world, with our own offices and authorized distributors. A great human team that, together with our product, is the fundamental factor for Condalab's international success.

As a result of our leadership in the field of microbiology, we distribute leading brands in the Spanish market, positioning ourselves as one of the main distributors of molecular biology. Our microbiology product catalog is complemented with solutions for molecular biology, offering a global pack.

Our corporate mission is to contribute to progress in the field of life sciences through the design, development and marketing of products for microbiology and molecular biology, managing to establish with our clients, employees, suppliers and shareholders, long-term, trust relationships.


Our 60 years of experience have enabled us to master culture media technology and manufacturing process. ​

Quality and continuity are the soul of the brand, our added value as a manufacturer, what we have been doing for more than 60 years: The experience of knowing all the applications, capacities and potentialities of culture media. ​We are a committed, close and effective team, which is firm in its commitment to remain a model. We are specialized professionals, strengthened by their know-how, motivated and prepared to evolve.

Flexible and reliable

Efficiency is the key to success with our clients. We are decisive, tenacious and detailed. Our self-demand in everything we do makes our products a model. We offer a quality product, and we are recognized for it. ​

We know that the difference lies in small details. We guarantee 100% reliability. We offer quality, guarantee and results. Convinced of our technology, we assure a 360º, efficient and resolutive service.


Our history is that of a brand that has been improving for almost 60 years, years of constant evolution, years of wanting to explore all aspects involved in the manufacture of high quality culture media. We are committed to the development of new culture techniques, new action areas and new applications.

With enthusiasm, energy and enthusiasm to continue growing, improving and aspiring to become a benchmark brand worldwide. Enthusiasm pushes us to continue innovating, to explore new paths, to continue being models and to look for new and better ways to do what we do.

Quality Assurance

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